In our busy everyday sphere of the humdrum life of work, money and status, we often forget the real purpose of our existence and cease to perceive the world around us. truly believes that people like Anna, are the people, who truly open the doors of our minds to believing that the impossible is something that was always within our reach.

Who is Anna Phipps?

Anna Phipps, an adventurous traveler with origins in UK, who has been travelling and blogging full time for the past two years. With her main focus on Asia and Australia, her blog “” aims to inspire people to explore the amazing planet that we live in and show that travelling does not have to be an expensive affair.

The following are the excerpts from interview with this amazingly positive and inspiring girl looking to imbibe knowledge and impart positivity with her every journey.

Why do you love travelling so much?

“I love travelling because I love to explore and learn more about the world from each different country I visit, I love to learn about the local culture, history, food, religion and way of life, I love the spectacular landscapes and awe inspiring monuments and I love to met other like minded travelers.

At what point did you feel that this is what you needed to do in life and why?

“I quit my job in the UK and left in Dec 2012 because I felt like I was wasting my life day dreaming and staring out of the office window – I wanted to live life to the full and experience all the beauty and diversity that the world has to offer and learn and grow as a person because of it.”

“ In the last 2 years I have discovered that the world, and people, are inherently kind and that living a life of travel is not as expensive as you may think. My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner”.

What does it take to be a travel blogger?

“To be honest it is not as glamorous as it looks – developing a travel blog is hard work and time consuming. To be a travel blogger you need to develop many skills and wear many hats – for example a travel blogger needs to be an explorer, photographer, writer, researcher, SEO expert and online marketer all at once to create a successful travel blog and a loyal following. However, exploring the world and sharing my experiences to inspire and help others do the same is definitely worth it! Travel and writing is my passion and I think when you find something you are passionate about it doesn’t feel like work!”

Have you visited Kerala? If so how has your experience been and what would you recommend to others?


“I visited gorgeous Kerala in Jan 2013 as part of my first trip to India, one that sparked off my wanderlust and desire to experience even more of the world. Although I only spent a week in Kerala I enjoyed exploring atmospheric Cochin, I loved the serenity and beauty I experienced as I cruised down the backwaters and enjoyed soaking in the luscious scenery in Munnar

“I have recommended Kerala to be the first point of call for my friends, family and readers who have followed in my footsteps and traveled to India. It goes without saying that I would love to return as there is so much more to enjoy in this most beautiful state”.

What was it that you found attractive about India?

“I love the color and spectacle of India and the way that there is a surprise around every corner to enchant and captivate the traveler”.

Is there something that really disappointed you about the country and you would like to change?

“ I hate the way that trash is thrown all over the beautiful countryside – it’s so upsetting to see such beauty spoiled in this way and I hate being hassled by people looking to rip me off outside train and bus stations after a long night on a sleeper train.”

What is your Mantra in life?

“My mantra in life is to make the most of your precious time on earth, to experience everything you can and not to settle for the status quo.

The message that this vibrant girl from UK exploring and sharing the world through her eyes has for the rest of the world is that  We travel not to escape life but so that it does not escape us”.



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