1. This cruise is a single bedroom and only the winning couple allowed

2. No Kids are allowed on the cruise

3. It is a deluxe cruise, where A/C available only between 9 PM to 6 AM.

 4. The trip includes a welcome drink, Lunch, evening snacks, dinner and a breakfast next day. The menu includes typical Kerala dishes.
The menu matches what the cruise operator generally provides for a deluxe cruise.

 5. The trip can be availed on a weekend  in March. However BackwaterBreaks will talk to winner and cruise operator after the contest to identify a mutually acceptable date. 

6. The check in location of the cruise is Alleppey, Kerala. The route of the cruise will be the decision of the cruise operator, however they are generally open to suggestions from Travelers. 

7. The cruise will get automatically cancelled if the winners do not turn up on the agreed date and time. 

8. BackwaterBreaks do not bear any other extra charges on top of deluxe overnight cruise for couple. 
If the Travelers decide to go opt any extra service, they have to pay it directly to cruise operators.
Also BackwaterBreaks is not responsible for the travel cost incurred to Traveler to reach the check in location. 

9. BackwaterBreaks will not bear any damage caused by Travelers. 

10. Being the cruise booked by backwaterbreaks.com , you are bound to terms and conditions defined by the website – https://www.backwaterbreaks.com/terms.html