A land rich in culture, intriguing traditions and  customs seething with abundant wildlife, Kerala is a coastal state that lives true to its tagged name of “God’s Own Country ” offering tourists venturing out here, a perfect holiday.


If you have your mind set on journeying through this land of the maharajas and elephants, here are some of the things that you might want to include in your planning.


Days of Visit

Kerala, being a land overridden with exotic beaches, beautiful hill stations, enthralling wildlife, , delightful Ayurvedic therapies and Spa, important historical and architectural splendours and so on; it’s very important to narrow down on the number of days and the time of the year that you intend to visit this sought after tourist destination in Asia.


The number of days is important in regard to the tourist spots that you want to visit in this state as there are a wide variety of things that you can do here ranging from adventure to relaxation. The time of the year matters as during the peak summer season, the climate tends to become very humid and hot which would probably stop you from appreciating the true beauty of this land.


Hence a longer time in the cooler periods of october to february would be the most ideal time to visit.

Purpose of Visit

Starting from the Northern Kerala to the Southern tip of the state, customs, traditions, land terrain, people and so on keeps varying.

Hence depending on the number of days you have for your vacation, it’s important to jot down in advance as to the things you are actually interested in seeing or the places and culture that  you really want to experience during the valuable days of your holiday.

It could range from experiencing the art forms in Kerala, cruising through the scintillating backwaters, getting a feel of the village life etc. Research and collect information beforehand so that you know what you are in for.

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Booking hotels, Home stays, Houseboats

Hotels and Homestays

If you are someone looking to take a tour package from one of the many tour agents, they usually accommodate the hotels as well into their packages which may or may not turn out to be to your liking. Otherwise if you wish to experience Kerala on your terms and not see what someone else shows you on a  standard basis, there are a plethora of registered hotels and home stays available throughout the state whose reviews and ratings are available on websites like trip advisor.

You can either book these online in advance or on the go basis which could be little difficult during the peak season.


In light of the availability of a numerous number of houseboats, which again maybe offered by a tour agent as well, they come at varying price range, availability and facilities.

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Travelling to and through Kerala


Depending upon the initial location to be visited, you can choose to either fly to Kochi, Trivandrum or Calicut, each of which are starting points for some of the major tourist locations.

From there, there are various means of transport such as the bus, train or taxi to your next location. The timings and bookings of which are available on online portals.

If you have booked a package with the tour operators, then usually pick ups are arranged from the arrival to the destinations according to the packages availed.

You can also travel by your own vehicle or a rented vehicle with the GPS aiding you through the maze of roads to get the feel of a road trip.

Selecting Vehicle

select vehicle depends number of people travelling and luggage. Indica is good only if maximum of 3 people are travelling. If more than 3 people are travelling India will not have space to carry luggage as this vehicle does not have boot space and getting vehicle with carrier is difficult. Climbing the hills with 4 people will be difficult for a vehicle like Indica. Try Indigo if you want better luxury and Tavera is suggested if 4 or more people are travelling. Inova can be opted for better luxury. If number of people travelling is more than 7 go for traveller and you can get a traveller with 12, 14, 17, 19 seats and for groups 27 seater, 35 seater and 49 seater vehicles are also available

Available Taxi Services

Uber Taxi (https://www.uber.com/cities/kochi) service now available in Kerala aims to connect passengers with drivers, much like most other apps in the age of social media.

Licensed drivers with permits to carry passengers can sign up with Uber, which provides them a smartphone and basic training, following which they can ply the roads and pick up fares. Drivers can choose when they are available through the app, and all the info and fare collection is computed through the phone, with no further equipment or vehicle modification required. Passengers pay through the app, so there is no negotiation required with the driver, and the vehicles themselves are unmarked, giving more comfort and convenience.”

The company provides it’s lower cost UberX service in Kochi, with mid-size sedans doing most of the operation, while cities like Bengaluru and Chennai also get the premium Uber Black, which provides more luxurious vehicles for a corresponding increase in fare (users get a rough estimate on the app before booking, and get text messages alerts when their ride arrives). Time of arrival for riders, in Kochi is currently around 15 minutes.

Uber was founded in San Francisco in March 2009 by Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp and has since spread to 280 cities in 60 countries, with Kochi being the 11th city of operation in India. Currently Uber only offers city-based services in Kochi, but is considering inter-city rides once operations are established. Drivers have the option of selecting when they are available to offer rides. The app can be downloaded from Google Play, Apple App Store and the Windows Phone store.

She Taxi, (http://www.shetaxi.in/)  an initiative by Gender Park, under the Social Justice Department of the Government, gained much popularity in Thiruvananthapuram, and expanded to Kochi in May this year. The Kochi wing of the operation has a fleet of nine cars to transport women and families, which are owned and driven by women entrepreneurs. The vehicles are available for transport within city limits or for longer rides, and equipped with navigation and tracking facilities.

Taxio, (http://www.taxio.in/) which calls itself the first radio taxi service provider in Kerala, is the more mainstream version of the transport service. The concept of the radio taxi service is that depending on call volumes from different areas, our taxis are spread out across the city and usually arrive within 20 minutes of a call. The vehicles can also be tracked and speed monitored, making it hassle free and safe, as it eliminates the uncertainty associated with normal taxis.

Luggage/Cash/ID card

Carry minimal ornaments and luggage. You find lot of ATMs everywhere hence carry minimum cash with you. Do carry an ID card as it is required at the time of check in to hotels.

I hope this article helps you in planning your Kerala trip.

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