IMG_0618Gone are the days when tourism only meant posh rides and opulent hotels. The recent years have seen a redefinition of vacation  from that of just a physical breather to self discovery and spiritual rejuvenation. Instead of  viewing remotely, travellers now prefer to walk amidst the people and edifices to explore and discover different ways of life and appreciate the beauty in those branded  trivial.


Basic Tips

– The trip could be less tasking if you keep the luggage minimal and use essential locking and security measures to keep your mind at ease from common theft.

– Its best to pack or buy light cotton dresses since the place is very humid.  It would be advisable to carry an umbrella for protection from sudden rainfalls as well as the bright sun. Throwing in a cap as well could prove useful

– Leather footwear is a big no when it comes to travelling during the rainy season. A comfortable paid of sandals or slip-ons would help you take it easy on the feet.

– Extension cord with surge protector- Wiring can be often faulty in the local places accompanied by occasional voltage fluctuations. Extension cord with surge protection would do a world of good for your expensive electronic devices.

– Kerala is a comparatively safer place in consideration to the rest of India but in view of the cultural conservatism of the people, it’s better to wear modest clothes. The crowd here is not used to bikini and swim wear, so even though it would be little odd covering up completely in the heat and taking a dip in the waves, it is less attention-grabbing.

– Torch or tea lights are another indispensable item that you need to have on you as a precaution against the power cuts and for use in areas without street lights.

-Make sure you carry wet wipes,  antiseptic hand wash, tissues and so on.

-Unfortunately most places have mosquitoes and carrying a mosquito repellent is a necessity to protect you from these blood suckers and the subsequent diseases.


Kerala is one of the most accessible state in India with a massive network of roadways, railways and waterways. There are a wide range of options to choose from the most expensive to the reasonable to the cheapest ways of travelling.

By Train

Kerala has an extensive network of railways connecting its different districts as well as connecting it with the rest of India. The tickets can be cheap or expensive depending on the compartment you wish to travel in. During the day time, you can choose to travel in the general compartment which may or may not be crammed up depending upon the source and destination stations and the time chosen to travel. Overnight travel in the general compartment can be pretty uncomfortable and slightly unsafe. The reservations for the overnight travel has to be obtained either at the reservation counters or you can always book online on the website. Such reservation have to be done in advance.  The Indian railways has the AC compartments as well . Some of them provide the options of AC chair compartments for day travel.

Railway enquiry: Ernakulam Junction: +91 484 131; Ernakulam Town: +91 484 2390920/2395198; Cochin Harbour Terminus: +91 484 2666050
( find train information at :  )

By RoadBUS_1602747f

Kerala prides itself on the vast network of roadways i.e. national/state highways and local roads links it to rest of the country. Private and public transport services are available to/from all major cities of South India from here.  There is a plethora of private ac buses to choose from apart from the wide range of options available to choose from the government buses as well (

Auto rickshaws are an interesting and convenient option when it comes to short distance travel by road. The availability of a network of taxis also simplifies travelling by road in the present scenario.

KSRTC enquiry: +91 484 2352033/2372033 – for state and inter-state public buses. 

BY Sea/Backwaters

Kerala has regular boat service to places like Kottayam, Kumarakom and Alleppey which are available through the scenic backwaters of Kerala. Not only do these shorten the journey but offer you a scenic feast for the eyes


Kerala is overrun with hotels and accommodations of varying kind especially with the huge influx of travellers worldwide. The prices vary in tandem with the facilities and it would be best to check out the ratings of a place on websites like trip advisor to be on the safer side


Kerala is truly the “God’s own country” for food lovers with its overabundant variety of delicacies.IMG_0679

From breakfast to lunch to dinners, people in Kerala love their food and there is a vast assortment of dishes to chose from for each meal.

It is good to take a pick from one of the local shacks where the food can taste absolutely heavenly but at the same time it’s always better to be on the safer side when it comes to the tummy. If you have a got a touch stomach then you would absolutely love what the local places have to offer.


  • The cities of Kerala are comparatively progressive and travelling late evenings in places like Kochi is pretty safe.
  • The Police in Kerala are one of the best in the country and are seen patrolling the streets around the clock
  • People interpret body language, attire and behaviour a little differently in India and its best to get a good idea about the culture of the place before you being travelling.
  • Being water borne areas, mosquitoes are common, hence mosquito-repellents must be used.
  • Make sure you are carrying security locks for your luggage just to be on the safer side.

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