Houseboats on the captivating backwaters of Kerala are a major tourist attraction. They not only provide a rustic experience but also a rejuvenating one for travelers who are looking to just lie back and relax. As it is a major attraction, there are several people who offer this service in different backwater locations in Kerala both online and in person.


There are several points to take into consideration when thinking of packing your bag and making your way to the backwaters of Kerala for a relaxed and rejuvenating experience. The seasonal pricing, climate, festivals, facilities etc are some of the influencing factors in booking a houseboat.

Should I book a houseboat in advance?

This is the first question that would probably cross a traveller’s mind when he/she decides to take on this beautiful experience. Having a variety of options to choose from can look like a great deal but the real trouble begins when you are unsure about the ground realities. Some of the main hurdles are as follows:

  • Seasonal variations in the prices: depending on the demand , the prices also tend to vary. For example, times like New Year, Diwali and so on, the houseboats are in demand and hence the price may go up.
  • Availability of the houseboats: if you are looking to visit the location, view the houseboat, bargain with the owners and book houseboats, then if it is a peak season when the demand is high, you will end up not getting a houseboat at all or something at a very exorbitant price.
  • Middle men: depending upon the availability and  season, if you are really looking to get a houseboat, your desperation maybe taken advantage of by middle men who would sell you services of substandard houseboats at a high price that it actually is.

In such cases, booking at the last moment would probably not be a good idea since you would end up without any houseboat available for your cruise or a huge price. By booking in advance, you get an opportunity to get a reasonable quote.

Should you book online?

The new era of internet has brought about another solution:  book them over the internet by going through several houseboat owner websites and figuring out what works best for you and book them. Some major issues are:

  • How do you know which one would be the best pick: there are a number of houseboat owners who have set up their websites for providing their houseboats for service.
  • Stories doing rounds are those of people not getting the boat they booked when they actually reach the location: In some cases, customers who book houseboats online over individual websites often end up getting a houseboat quite different from what they were promised.
  • The efforts you have to put to search and research, and then book the houseboats: you will have to go through a large number of websites and review sites to get an understanding about the cruise operators
  • Less confidence on online booking and making payments: It is hard to  identify who is more credible in terms of the service or whether they will provide the houseboat that was promised.

One solution to all your problems is the website that has roped in the best houseboat service providers in the market. It also consists of the seasonal prices that are directly added by the cruise operators (hence you get local market prices) as well as an option to receive the quote for a houseboat of your liking. Since the authenticity of these houseboats are already verified by the in house team and you will get the same houseboat that you see in the picture, your half the work gets done there itself. Compare your different preference and book the houseboat vacation of your choice. ( )

So online booking is definitely an option that you can think about the next time you consider a vacation in the beautiful Kerala Houseboats.

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